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Issue with Activiti 5.12

Question asked by abataleb on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by abataleb

I am testing a webapp that embeds a workflow engine (version 5.12)
I have created two instances of the application connected with a appache load balancer

When I create few instances of workflows, the webapp process them successfully, the two instances of the webapp take care of some instances ==> everything works fine.

But when I send thousands of instances (when I simulate 5 threads where each one creates one instance/second) I encounter problems inside the activiti.
I have some instances that remain in act_ru_execution and they are never processed and when I check the other tables:
– act_ru_job is empty.
– act_ru_task is empty

Have you an idea what is going on ?
How can I process the remaining instances ?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Best Regards