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Introducing new element in the activiti explorer pallete

Question asked by chandanmb1 on Apr 11, 2016

I have downloaded the war file and imported it to Eclipse.
I have changed the image icon in the stencilset.json. It appeared in the left side of the pallete.

    "type" : "node",
    "id" : "JiraTask",
    "title" : "Jira task",
    "description" : "A Jira task assigned to a specific person to execute",
      "icon" : "activity/list/Jira.png",
    "groups" : [ "Activities" ],


Above json structure i copy pasted from UserTask and i just change icon path
When i drag the same component to editor/design window to create the workflow, UserTask is appearing.

Please let me know where all i should do the changes to make it to complete(js filenames so on)