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Creating a subprocess again and attaching to parent process

Question asked by davanna on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by davanna
I am evaluating Activiti workflow for using it in our company. I wanted to know how do we handle some of the Business Use cases here.

We have a main 'application' business process and it has numerous steps. I am modeling the 'application' as main process and the steps as subprocesses. One of the step is 'photo upload'. As part of the parent process of 'application' the 'photo upload' sub process will be called. After the photos are uploaded, the subprocess is done. But the business team says that as part of the business, there should be option of uploading the photos again after they have finished them. In terms of Activiti workflow, it boils down creating another subprocess for photo upload and attaching to parent process of 'application'.  Can this be done or can you shed some light on better approaches for this issue.