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Is there a way to coexist two workflows in one DB???

Question asked by mauwarrior on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by jbarrez
Is there a way to coexist two workflows in one DB?

Scenario: At first I deployed my workflow and it goes well. Deployment details had been recorded in act_re_deployment table. Users started using the webapp following the deployed Workflow.

Problem: Due to some changes in the approval, I need to update the design of my workflow. As far as my knowledge of the activiti, I need to deploy the updated workflow for changes to take effect. I tried to deploy the workflow along with the old workflow pointing to one database. Deployment will be successful as evident on the record shown on my act_re_deployment. Once deployment is successful, a clickable process will be created in my process list. It goes to say, that when I deploy a new workflow, it will also create an instance of the clickable process. Problem is, since the new deployment is only an update of the old workflow. There will be two instance of the process showing on my web page. when i try to start a process, i cannot start it anymore and throws an error on org.activiti.engine.impl.AbstractQuery.class
"Query returns 2 results instead of max 1".

Resolutions: Now I want to know if my new workflow will take effect and will perform the new functions. In order to do this, I created a new database to deploy my new workflow since deploying it on the old database along with the old workflow will throw the problem mentioned above. My workflow will be deployed and will behave as expected and no problem anymore with the logic flow.

Need help: Now what I want is; since some transactions had already been made using the old workflow and some of them are on pending status, I need to be able to run the old workflow functioning at the same time with the new workflow. New transactions will follow the new workflow and old transactions will follow old workflow… I cannot do this since there is a limitation if I want to coexist two workflows in one DB…

P.S. New workflow is an upgrade of the old workflow. Same bpmn but edited with the addition of approvals…

PLEASE HELP! This matter is urgent since transactions are made everyday and relies mostly on the workflow of the system…
If you're not still getting the picture, I am willing to give more details about the problem…