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Fetch files from Alfresco to Activiti Mobile App

Question asked by hari on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by jm.pascal1
Hi there,

We are currently evaluating Activiti Enterprise and have a few questions on how to implement the scenarios at hand.

Scenario: We have a set of processes which takes approvals from various users like Managers, CFO's, CEO's on documents that were uploaded into Alfresco.

Q1) Is there a possibility for the users to use the Activiti Android App to connect and download the files which are part of the their tasks ?
      - The processes which we currently have hold the DocumentID's of the files uploaded into alfresco. So I want to display them and allow the users to download and approve.

Q2) If the above one is possible. Is it the "Attach" element of the form which needs to be used for this ? And how to configure it ? 

Q3) I have a trial version of enterprise currently installed on my machine and have tried to configure the community version of Alfresco which we are using. I went to the Tenants and added the alfresco repository but I do not see this anywhere to connect (Like not in my forms or not in my processes) So am I configuring it correctly here ?