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Process stuck in timerEvent after rollback

Question asked by remibantos on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by remibantos

After a disk space issue in my Activiti server, I've noticed that a lot of business processes transactions had been rollbacked.
I use Activiti REST API, and i've added a timerEvent with a delay at the very begining of each business processes, to emulate an asynchronous call when starting active business processes through API.
So currently, all my business processes are stuck in this timerEvent.

Is there a way to make Activiti /runtime/executions REST API asynchronous?
How can I restart these business processes stucked in this intermediateCatchEvent? What kind of signal could I send for this timerEvent?

Here's an exctract of my process definition:

   <startEvent id="start"/>
   <sequenceFlow id="_3" sourceRef="start" targetRef="startDelay"/>
   <intermediateCatchEvent id="startDelay" name="IntermediateCatchingEvent">
   <sequenceFlow id="_4" sourceRef="startDelay" targetRef="parallelgateway1"/>