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Programmatic Creation/Updation of process definition

Question asked by imkeshav on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by imkeshav
Hi All,

We have a requirement to customize existing/deployed process definition and re deploy as new process.

We will provide a default process deployed into customer environment, where customer can update default process definition and make a new process out of it to deploy their own.
Where user can:
  1. re order tasks in the default process.
  2. change the user Task to service Task(goal is to complete task automatically, how to make user task to complete automatically?)
  3. change the out going(from gateway) target task. e.g., on failure of a task process can go back to any of previous task.

User can not:
  1. Add any new task or component.

User can only shuffle default process definition and create new process out of it to deploy.
We can not provide Activiti designer to update the process definition as they may not aware of designer components.
We are providing user with custom UI, with detailed process elements to shuffle. Then we need to build new process as per user changes.

My question is,
Can we build a new process dynamically in java(by using org.activiti.bpmn.model package?)
Is there any api to modify deployed process definition and create new process out of it?

Thanks in Advance,