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Automatic deploy of activiti app

Question asked by messmeister on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by jbarrez

we are using the activiti suite 1.4 and alfresco one 5.1.
Most of the users do not access activiti via the activiti-app URL directly but with the activiti-share connector (dashlet in alfresco share). To do that, I have set the activiti.appDefinitionName to the name of a created app which holds all processes. The problem is: It only works if the app is deployed and visible in the user’s activiti dashboard. That is a problem because I cannot tell all my users, that they have to login into the activiti-app, press the + button and add the app. As an administrator I want to do that for them.
What is best practice here (all users are from LDAP)?
I would love to see a solution where I just have to share the app with a group of people and they can use the app within alfresco share and the activiti-app immediately.

Thanks for any information on this and best regards!