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Approval process with approvers loop by division

Question asked by edsonrichter on Jun 3, 2016
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I've a buy opportunity that can be shared between several divisions of the company.
So, to complete the buy, I need at least one approver from each division to accept the offer.
All approvers will have same profile or permission, but each one in own's division.
Can I make a loop to sequencially ask approvers for acceptance of the offer?
Or can I throw new approval task for each division as part of the start process?
Can I estabilish that task executor (approve offer) is a formula (like ${"approver:"+current_division})?
Is that feasible (I mean, a process with tasks that will vary based on the number of divisions)?
Would I need to customize the process after loading it from the XML? I hope not, I hope to be able to solve using scripts…
Can you help me on how can I model this process?

Thanks in advance,

Edson Richter