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JobExecutor activated, IntermediateTimerCatchEvent not fired - sometimes

Question asked by kayj on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by martin.grofcik

I've got some issues with the JobExecutor and an IntermediateTimerCatchEvent, which isn't fired. Sometimes. My setup:

* Activiti 5.17.0.
* The BPMN Model is pretty simple: StartEvent –> ScriptTask –> IntermediateTimerCatchEvent –> EndEvent.
* "Time Duration" of the TimerCatchEvent is set to "PT1M30S".
* The JobExecutor is activated. 

As mentioned the "TIMER_FIRED" event isn't thrown sometimes even though the JobExecutor is activated. Searching the forum for similar issues I came across this post:
Since we're also using 2 activiti engines with 1 DB, I'm wondering if this issue might be related to our setup.

* engine A: JobExecutor activated
* engine B: no JobExecutor

It is clearly defined which bpmn model is processed by engine A and B. Is it possible that, if engine A starts the process and runs into an IntermediateCatchEvent, that engine B executes the job and fires the event even though the JobExecutor is not activated in engine B?

I'm wondering why it works sometimes. The log files are identical and there seem to be no difference, besides of the missing "TIMER_FIRED" event. Any ideas what might cause this behaviour?

Thanks, Kathrin