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Complex Data Input through REST API

Question asked by imsrk on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by jbarrez

I have a requirement wherein I need to initiate a Activiti BPM process through REST Call and the data that needs to be passed in the process variable is bit complex. It's a JPA entity with relationship among entities, I 'm able to convert the JPA entity to JSON but not sure how to model Activiti process to accept such complex data.

For example I want to pass below JSON data to initiate an activiti BPM process, how do I map the BPM Activiti model to accept such related data:

  "author": {
    "id": 1
  "description": "Modular approach",
  "price": 0,
  "publicationDate": "2016-05-31",
  "title": "Test Rest for Activiti"