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Exception Handling in Asynchronous Task

Question asked by bala1010 on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by jbarrez

We have asynchronous service task just before an end event in our activiti process. When there is any exception in async task,
it is not caught by 'error end event' or 'error boundary event' and also process is never ended.

As per understanding from user guide, if process reaches the async task , process will be put on wait-state and it will ends
only if it get acknowledgement from the async task. What if I didn't get the acknowledgement due to error?

It is working as stated when the async task completes successfully.

so my questions are
1) How to handle the exception in async service task?
2) If any runtime exception occurs in async task, is there a way to stop the process manually because
I don't want to load my server with too many active process instance?

I have attached the BPMN file [ loanProcess.txt ] with this post .