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Activiti Spring version

Question asked by logicallimit on Jul 4, 2016
I have two questions regarding the Spring version dependency.

1. I am trying to use the latest version of Activiti 5.21.0. On which version of Spring does this Activiti version depends. It is important to know this because if I build application based on Activiti (Embedded in my web application) and I want to develop the application using Spring MVC, then the Spring version of my web application and the version of Spring on which Activiti depends on should be same.

2. I was looking at the Maven repository for Activiti 5.21.0 and found that in the Compile Dependencies table, there is a column named "Updates". And under this column,  for the "Group / Artifact" (org.springframework » spring-beans), value mentioned is "4.3.0.RELEASE". What does the "Update" column stands for. Does it mean I can use Spring version 4.3.0 for my overall web application?

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