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JS how create FromData in .bpmn20.xml using Nashorn(JDK 8)

Question asked by bearson on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by bearson
Hello, dear community.
I tried to use js in .bpmn20.xml. Now I know, that using JDK 8, I using Nashorn JavaScript engine. But how create new FormData in JS with Nashorn?
I tried, like that:
<javascript>var data = new org.activiti.engine.form.FormData();</javascript>
but get error: Cannot create new object with constructor org.activiti.engine.form.FormData.

What is the right way to create FormData? And with Nashorn can I use normal JS code? How to load package which need to JS?
Before is was simply use Rhino in older JDK.

Sorry for a lot of questions and thanks for understanding