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need advice to design Omni channel banking solution using Activiti bpm

Question asked by cheemu on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by trademak
Our company offers core banking product for small banks, currently the product supports web and mobile banking.
Many of our clients have asked to implement omni-channel soultion. The requirement is that I can start any activity on any channel
and continue it from other channels and vice versa. Lets say a client initiated a "Add Payee" functionality from desktop and OTP was sent to his mobile phone, then next steps like confirm payee etc, he should be able to execute from any channels say mobile , TAB, web etc.
The solution should also be flexible for addition of future channels, so far we have identified 5 channels but it can grow in future.
We are evaluating if Activiti BPM based solution can help us in implementing this feature. I have earlier developed Activiti based workflows for multi-user approvals and tasklists only. But here the same user is working from multiple channels. Can someone advice.