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Runtime Service

Question asked by varunbhaskar on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by varunbhaskar

I am working on a project where i use service task to connect with third party libraries to do some statistical calculations. I am currently using spring-activiti jar.
I have the following concerns regarding "RuntimeService", please try to address them.
* I am not able to access the processInstances from the runtimeService, even after using all following apis
> runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery().list();
> runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery().procesInstanceId(procesInstanceId).list();
> runtimeSerice.createExecutionQuery().list();
all the above expressions are resulting in an empty list.
Please help me on accessing the process instances under execution.
* Once the process execution is transferred to the third party libraries, i am not able to delete the process instance under execution.
* All of this is true with the historyService as well.