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event.processing.enabled setting

Question asked by jonnyg on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by jbarrez
From an unresolved support request*

We were getting an ORA-00933 error within com.activiti.service.runtime.ActivitiEventProcessingService.findFirstLockableEventLogNr() some time back. We worked around it by setting <em>event.processing.enabled=false</em>.

In the default, this is first set to true, and <i>then later</i> to false in the section "# EVENT PROCESSING TWEAKING"
Here's the help comments:

# Set to false to not to event processing. This could be useful
# in a clustered setup where only sone nodes do the processing

This is vague to a fault. Do you mean to say that this should be set to true <i>on at least one server</i>?
What would happen if no server set it to true?

* it's #00663870. It was closed because I didn't have time to respond when I was pursuing this, and we just ended up working around it, so it fell off my radar. But I wanted to ask the general question here about the settings.