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Cannot install Activiti 6, Table Already Exist

Question asked by chrisx_212 on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by chrisx_212
Hello all.

This usually never happened to me. But when I made a new fresh Activiti6 SQL table, I can never run Activiti6 again, because of the error message saying 'TABLE hibernate_sequence already exist'. I drop that, it goes to 'TABLE users already exist'.

To picture this, let's say there's Database A and Database B.

Database A contains my old Activiti6 datas and rows.

Database B is installed with new Activiti6, just a fresh install.

Now when I want to get that Database B to the main Activiti server, the Tomcat server refuses to raise it, saying that "hibernate_sequence already exists". To alleviate this, I had to change the main Database to A, redeploy Activiti so it gets deployed successfully then while not turning off the server, change the Database B name so it matches Database A.

However, beforehand, I never had to do those alleviations.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.