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Intermediate Timer Catch Event

Question asked by archana071 on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by archana071

I am new to activiti, and trying to understand and implement a intermediate timer events.

I want to instantiate many processes(say 2000-3000) for intermediate catch event ( which have a timer definition to fire at specific date). So here the timer for each instance may be longer (eg 2-3 months) so could you please tell me does this implementation cause any overhead on the cpu and memory ? (I mean will these process instances (threads) be waiting or go into sleep state  or they are only bought into execution again when timer fires at specific date and time like the timer start event)

Also I want to know if I can update the existing intermediate catch event with a different date at some other point before the timer ends??

Thirdly, could you also tell me if I can attach any identifier along with the instance of my  intermediate timer event so that I can update that specific one later when needed?

Thank you