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Custom form field not available in form field drop down

Question asked by forbesbee on Aug 2, 2016

I created a form stencil and wrote custom form fields, e.g. a text field that allows to specify a RegExp and validates the entered value accordingly. This all works fine.

However, when I use the fields in a form (created with the custom stencil), they are not available in the form field drop down to set visibility depending on a value or in the "display value"-type.

Now if I need to display the value in a different form, I can get around the issue by either displaying text and using the variable/id of my custom field, or by writing the value in a process variable and choose this from the variable drop down. At least the value can be displayed even though the form control itself is not shown.

But what do I do if I want to decide on the value of the field if another field in the same form should be visible?

Did I miss something when I created stencil? Can I declare my form fields somewhere so that they become "known" to the drop down and are recognized as form fields?

Thanks for any help,