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How do I determine if parallel executions are completed (serviceTask/receiveTask partners)

Question asked by smith9 on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by smith9
I am evaluating Activiti and have a process that is like
Start -> Render Documents (Parallel ServiceTask) -> Render Documents Completed (Parallel ReceiveTask) -> Do Rest of tasks -> End

The process is passed a variable containing the list of documents to be rendered and the rendering process is asynchronous so need to call back when it is completed.

How do I mark off each document as being completed.

My first thought was just to use cardinality and send N signals to the Render Documents Completed (Parallel ReceiveTask)
This has the drawback that if a document happened to be rendered twice for what ever reason, the completion may miss the last documents callback.

Is there an easyway that I can achive something like: signal "document name"

Hope the above is clear enough.