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Dynamic form property name

Question asked by mrc on Aug 5, 2016

We use form property 'name' attribute to define a form field title - I suppose that this is a standard practice. We would like to be able to define a dynamic title (i.e. depending on process variables) but it seems that for now it does not work. E.g. if I put

<activiti:formProperty id="question" name="How do you do, ${userId}?" type="string"></activiti:formProperty>

and later fetch property name I will get text as is (without resolved variables). Two questions:
- what is a best way to achieve such dynamic titles (e.g. by overriding some form handler or similar),
- do you think that this is something worth implementing in Activiti, i.e. should I create a Jira ticket?

We use user tasks and forms to define conversations with users - basically answer-response-answer-response sequence where displaying questions/messages are handled by an external application. So it is not typical forms with set of fields each etc. etc. Still, provided process designer is quite handy so we would like to use to built our processes.