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Integration Tests for Activiti Suite

Question asked by messmeister on Aug 9, 2016

do you have any suggestions on how to write integration tests for my processes? We're using the Activiti Suite (Standalone). These tests must also test all endpoints for the widgets (for example the Combobox widget) but I'm not talking about UI tests here.
Let's assume, that my process has a usertask with a form. In this form there is a combobox and the values for the combobox are fetched from a RESTservice. My integration test now must also check for the rest service as well to test the configuration of the combobox.

I hope you get the idea of what i want. Do i have to write everything from scratch or are there any tools i can use?
For now i guess i have to deploy my process to a running activiti suite server and then start the integration tests using activiti's REST services for starting the process and submitting form values of user tasks?

Thank you very much for any info!