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Taking part in the development of persistence layer

Question asked by olegchir on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by trademak
Hi everyone,
My name is Oleg Chirukhin, software architect at Sberbank-Technology (a software division of Sberbank), and we'd like to be a part of Activiti project.

We as a team, and our company, believe in free software. And and our business is dependent on high quality BPM platform.
So we're going to use Activiti as a basis for one of our main projects.

First of all, to change a few things related to persistence layer.
The idea is to add support for non-relational distributed databases, with primary focus on Apache Igninte and GridGain at the beginning.
Side targets is to improve stability and overall quality of the code (at least on this layer), to write a bunch of unit and integration tests, etc.

It will take some time and a lot of commits. We think that all this work should not be lost in vain for free software community.
Also it's much better to merge and keep up to date with live master repo that already contain most of our changes than to brute force inconsistent releases :-)

We can't opensource everything, but we can try to separate business-critical private code and core things like interfaces, tests, bugfixes, likely database "drivers" and migration system, etc, that should be available for everyone and free by default. At the moment we don't know exactly what our service of information security will allow us to commit, but we're working on it.

At the moment it's just a plan (a very likely plan).
So here are the questions to the community and core team, that we need to understand right now:

- What do you think about our idea about non-relational databases, in-memory grids etc? Most likely, you have already discussed these features and have your own view on this topic, and it's very important for us. For example, we're very interested in anything about architectural ideas which will have long-term consequences for persistence layer.

- What is a preferred way to communicate with the team, and who should we speak first? I see "Meet the Team" page on the website, is there anyone who wants to help us? :-)

- What is a preferred workflow for external commiters? How code review is organized? I see your repo on Github, but maybe you can suggest something on how to arrange this things.

- Can you advise which version is worth taking for the new development? Latest stable 5 (and prepare to fast-forward all features when 6 will be released) or just to pick up the master branch? How stable is master to create production ready things with first release deadline at the end of this year (november maybe)?

We're really looking forward to your reply