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5.17 - Async service tasks executed on multiple engines

Question asked by nofranks on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by nofranks

I have created a simple process consisting of a single user task and an async service task. The service task is implemented as a java delegate which sends an email to me with a unique identifier in the subject. I deployed this process and have process engines configured over the same activiti database with the async job executer enabled running on different VM's. I wrote a junit test which creates 50 process instances then completes the 50 user tasks. What I would expect to get back is 50 emails. This is always the case when the service task is not marked async. However, when it is marked as async I'm receiving a degree more, normally 70+.

Some of these tasks are being executed by several process engines. Would this behavior be expected? If not I'd be grateful of some advice as to where I may be at error. Many thanks