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Activiti deployment Embedded /Standalone?

Question asked by prash.aggarwal on Aug 19, 2016

I have spring boot application  using rest say ABC.
Tried the embedded mode first ie having .bpm processes in my app only and importing all activiti dependencies(boot way) in my pom.

I was able to execute the java tasks (which were making use of ABC code and data) and user tasks. I also made use of activiti api to start the process and get the task list etc.

Was trying to understand which way is better standalone one ?
So deployed the activiti rest war in separate tomcat instance and deployed sample bpm processes there using rest and also started them using rest.

Not sure to make ABC work standalone way , shall i put the ABC jar in standalone deployment of activiti rest , how shall the java tasks from bpm process interact with my app ABC, shall i make rest call from java tasks to ABC to get  the data from my app, wont it be too cumbersome?

Whats's the right way, please guide.