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Continuing with same assignee vs making task available

Question asked by jlilley on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by jlilley
I have some cases where, when a user completes a task, I want the next user task to be still assigned to the same user.  In other cases, I want the task to be unassigned so that candidate users can pick it from the available queue.  How can I set up a flow to automatically do one vs the other?   I also have some cases where I want to assign the task to the user who started the process, vs leaving it unclaimed.  How can I do that?

Related but different: if someone who is an "administrator" of the system wants to move the assignment to someone else, would i first unclaim() the task and then claim() it with the new user?  Or can I reassign it in one step?

Sorry, this seems like a newbie question, but I'm not clear on how these things are typically done.