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ProcessInstance.isEnded() not becoming true when UserTask is in flow

Question asked by jlilley on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by warper
I am testing integration of the Activiti engine in a fairly direct fashion (no Tomcat or other container, no spring).  So far, so good!  I am able to build a custom ServiceTask that calls my JavaDelegate execute() method, access and set variables, and so on.  I am also able to call complete() on a UserTask inserted into the process, and I can see that it executes and moves to the next task. 

However, while the process without a UserTask completes, the process with a UserTask does not.  I can see this calling ProcessInstance.isEnded() and also in the debug log.  There must be something trivial I am missing, but I cannot figure it out.

I've packaged this into a simple standalone maven project with a main() and attached the whole project.  The main() is shown below. 

The attached "activiti-tester.txt" can be renamed to (I hope) for extraction.  I've been building with Netbeans, but Eclipse should also work.

When doTest2=true, it runs "test2.bpmn", which is only the service task, and all is well.  When doTest2=false, it runs "test1.bpmn" including the user task, and it does not seem to end. 

Any help is much appreciated!

   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      ProcessEngine processEngine = ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine();
      RepositoryService repositoryService = processEngine.getRepositoryService();
      TaskService taskService = processEngine.getTaskService();
      DeploymentBuilder db = repositoryService.createDeployment();
      Deployment d = db.addClasspathResource("test1.bpmn").addClasspathResource("test2.bpmn").deploy();
      RuntimeService runtimeService = processEngine.getRuntimeService();
      Map<String, Object> variableMap = new HashMap<>();
      variableMap.put("name", "john");
      boolean doTest2 = false;
      ProcessInstance processInstance = null;
      if (doTest2) {
         processInstance = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("test2", variableMap);
      } else {
         processInstance = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("test1", variableMap);
         String activityId = processInstance.getActivityId();
         List<Task> tasks = taskService.createTaskQuery().processInstanceBusinessKey(processInstance.getBusinessKey()).list();
         Map<String,Object> vars = new HashMap<>();
         vars.put("address", "pobox 16");
         taskService.complete(tasks.get(0).getId(), vars);
      System.out.println("process ended? " + processInstance.isEnded());
      System.out.println("process ended? " + processInstance.isEnded());