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Getting 'current task' and determining its type

Question asked by jlilley on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by trademak
As part of reporting/dashboarding functions in our software, I want to provide a "process instance state" report that can be accessed via REST services that we publish.  To that end, I get the "current task" for a process instance:
Is this approach to getting the current task correct?  Let's assume for a moment lack of parallelism as our processes are fairly simple.  Can it be assumed that, while a process instance is active, there is always at least one active task that will be returned by this query?  If not, what other information should I be fetching about the process instance state that would provide a nice snapshot of what state it is in?

Also, while the Task object gives me good information, I can't see where to get the "type" of the task (e.g. UserTask, ScriptTask, ServiceTask, etc).  Is there such a getter?  If not, are there internal class names that I can compare against?