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updating activiti in a clustered environment

Question asked by stefanhenke on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by warper
I have a question regarding the update behavior of the db schema in activiti. I think I understood how the mechanism works in principle: you can specify the property 'databaseSchemaUpdate' and set it to 'true'. On the next startup of the ProcessEngine, this will execute the necessary db operations. How will this work if activiti runs on a tomcat in a clustered environment where I want to apply a rolling update (each cluster node one after another)? In this case, there would be a period of time in which the db schema has been updated, but some of the cluster nodes are still running the old version of activiti. So, it will not match the db schema version anymore.
Assuming that activiti does not change the db schema incompatibly, is this a scenario that is supported?
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