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Dynamic task allocation based on SLA sub process

Question asked by skhmujahid12 on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by jbarrez
Hello ,

I have given requirement in activity bpm. Kindly suggest whether it is feasible or not.

Subprocess 1SLA of 5 minutes Performed by Role 1 . Subprocess 2 SLA of 1 minutePerformed by role 2 Subprocess 3SLA of 10 minutesPerformed by role 3 . Each sub process will consist of just one taskE2e parent processSla 7 minutes
User 1 has Role 1 and role 3User 2 has Role 2 and role 3User 3 has role 1 and role 2
The user will then “claim” the work. I want three concurrent cases running, one in each state (ie 1 will be awaiting subprocess 1,
1 will be past subprocess 1 but awaiting sub process 2 and the third will be through SP1 and SP2 and awaiting SP3).
I want to see the “work lists” for each of the three users:
For user 1 should see a SP 1 task and SP3 taskUser 2 should see SP2 task and an SP3 taskUser 3 should see SP1 task and the SP2 task
I want to see the work for each user prioritised against the SLAs in order so that the most urgent piece of work that that user can
perform is at the top of the list. As time progresses if an SLA is impacted I want to see the order of work changed accordingly.
If the subprocess remaining time = the E2E process remaining time then the work that is affecting the E2E process timing takes priority.
Example we have 2 cases:Case 1 went through SP1 in 5 minutes and SP2 in 1 minute,
hence has 1 minutes left on E2E but 10 minutes left on SP3Case 2 has gone
through SP 1 in 1 minute and is awaiting SP2, but SP2 has an sla of 1 min,
hence 1 minute left to do the work.User 2 should see the case 1 work (SP3 task)
has a higher priority than the case 2 (SP2 task), even though they both only have one minute to be completed.