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Activate and Suspend a process instance.

Question asked by mahajanankur on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by martin.grofcik
I am suspending a process instance manually by using "runtimeService.suspendProcessInstanceById(processInstanceId);" .

Now I have two questions on this.

1. Lets say I have a process having 5 service tasks and I am suspending this instance at 3rd service task so according to the documentation            this process instance should be halted at 'third' service task. But it shouldn't do that, It still run the 'fourth' and 'fifth' service tasks even It has been suspended at 'third'. WHY ANY CLUE?

2. If I am trying to activate this instance by "runtimeService.activateProcessInstanceById(processInstanceId);" . It throws an "ActivitiObjectNotFoundException" exception.

Please help me on this. Any help would be highly appreciated.