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Restart Process instance at the point when an exception occurs.

Question asked by mahajanankur on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by mahajanankur

I've a process with multiple service tasks. The process instance terminates once an exception occurs in any service task. The task information has been stored in "act_hi_actinst" till that point(task where exception occurs). Is there any way to restart this instance at the point where exception occurs?

Scenario -
My process is like -
start event > user task > service task 1 > service task 2 > service task 3 > end event

Exception occurs at "service task 2". How can I start this INSTANCE (not process definition) again with corrected input at "service task 2" (point where exception occurs in last execution)?

NOTE : Skip first three tasks as they already executed when I restart this instance.

Any help would highly appreciated.