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ErrorEnd event label position overlaps icons

Question asked by payner on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by gdharley
In Activiti version 5.21.0, I am using ProcessDiagramGenerator to create an image from a Bpmn file and am finding that label for ErrorEnd events are being rendered over the event image itself.

For example:

Is this a known issue?

This is being generated from JDK1.6 using:
    final double scaleFactor = 1.0;
    ProcessDiagramGenerator diagramGenerator = new DefaultProcessDiagramGenerator(scaleFactor);
    InputStream generatedImageStream = diagramGenerator.generateJpgDiagram(bpmnModel, scaleFactor);

Does the way textY variable to position the label need to be changed in DefaultProcessDiagramCanvas.drawLabel()?
I have attached a simple unit test showing this issue.