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Parallel Gateway / Inclusive Gateway

Question asked by piyush.kaizen on Sep 12, 2016
As I have understood till now that new Executions are created when an execution gets halted to execute activities in case of parallel gateway and Inclusive gateway.

How can i know the immediate parent execution ID in case of a FORK ?
How can i know the child execution list in case of a JOIN ?

execution.getParentID() always point to root execution.
It seems like executions are single level tree with 1 parent and all child.
Is there some way to find out immediate parent of an execution ?

What I mean is if an execution e1 reaches a parallel gateway and 2 executions e2 and e3 are created then e2 and e3 should return e1 as parent not root process.

And when execution merge on parallel gateway I want to know the list of execution that caused the merging parallel gateway .

If it is designed that way than Is it possible to get immediate parent ?