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Sending an email from a ServiceTask

Question asked by jsalvador on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by hari
Hi folks!

I've got a workflow with a ServiceTask that gets data from a database to decide how to continue. There is two conditions, greater than (auto-rejected) and less than (accepted).

<li>At the accepted case, the workflow goes to an UserTask, and an user decides about the situation and, in every possible case here, send an email to the initiator. Here there isn't any problem, I've got some problems with the email task, but I think it is an Alfresco problem.</li>
<li>At the auto-rejected case, the workflow goes <strong>from</strong> the ServiceTask <strong>to</strong> an Alfresco Email Task</li>

The problem here is, when I'm testing the workflow at Alfresco, the accepted case works fine, but the auto-rejected not. The error message says

Could not start the workflow

I guess the reason of this could be that I'm sending an email from a ServiceTask instead of an UserTask…