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How to invoke on process variable update

Question asked by haynas on Sep 23, 2016

we want to invoke a bean once a variable of a userTask was updated.
we've thought about a taskListener with delegateExpression but the problem that we can't catch the event of a variable updated on a task ( we only have (start,end,complete,assignement). 

so w've created an EventListener as mentioned,

on the BPMN,
process id="process1" name="Process Test" isExecutable="true">
      <activiti:eventListener entityType="task" class="com.test.activiti.engine.EventListenerVariable" ></activiti:eventListener>
      <activiti:eventListener events="VARIABLE_UPDATED" entityType="task" delegateExpression="${TimerListenerBean}"></activiti:eventListener>

we can catch the event of VARIABLE_UPDATED but the listener "TimerListenerBean" is not invoking.

Thank you for the help!