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Signal Event Throwing and Catching Variables

Question asked by daferrei on Sep 23, 2016
Good morning,

I would like to use the <strong>signal catching event</strong> and <strong>signal throwing event</strong>, but with arguments is this possible in activiti?
Doesn't seem so but this is a use case present in and it's <strong>Use case 1:  Signal an unknown participant</strong>.

Basically we would the signal throwing event and put there the necessary arguments, and the the engine would find the valid signal catching and cross the date and only apply the signal to the valid executions.

But from what I've seen the way to emulate this behavior is to use the <strong>Java Receive Task</strong> and on the other side put a <strong>none throwing event</strong> with a listener and do all the necessary logic in the listener, correct?

Thanks for the help,