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Muliple Activiti Engine Using same Database

Question asked by way2saurabh on Sep 26, 2016

I am pretty new to using Activiti. Based on previous questions I understood that we can have multiple Activity Engine on different instances using common database. In my scenario  what I want to achieve is taht we have 2 instances A and B and we have activitI Engine A and B running respectively on them . Now if activiti engine A running on instance A start a process and then suppose instance A goes down then in scenario Activiti Engine B will pick the process from where Activiti Engine A Left due to default behaviour of Activiti. Which I don't want to let happen. So in my case If Activiti Engine A running on Instance  A starts a process then if Instance A goes down then we should wait and   again Activity A resumes the job and not Activiti Engine B.

Is it possible to achieve this ? Any reference or pointers will be highly appreciated.