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Can we use activiti-explorer over spring boot activiti engine?

Question asked by sujeeshsvalath on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by sujeeshsvalath
I like the Spring boot version of Activiti since it is seems to be more developer friendly for me as a Spring application developer.
But when using activiti-rest what I really miss is the features of activiti-explorer. Now I have to make a choice between following two options for activiti- development:
1. Traditional activiti-rest.war and activit-explorer.war deployments under tomcat. Package bars and libs and deploy them under libs.
2. Spring boot- my favorite.

If I choose option1, I miss Spring support. For custom end points I have to deploy my war running over activiti-rest.war and activit-explorer.war deployments.Also I can make use of activiti-explorer.
But If I choose option2 (boot support), I have no choice for making use of activiti-explorer. But my boss is asking for interface like activiti-explorer where he can see the diagram of each instance and see where it is now diagrammatically.

My query is whether it is possible to run the activiti-exploreo over spring-boot-activiti-integrated environemnt. Is there any plugin available in Spring OR can we tweak configurations inside activit-explorer to read process instances from spring-boot-embedded activiti-engine? Please share some info.