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Parallel Event Gateway with User Task Ignores All Signals

Question asked by elic on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by gdharley
We have a process designed to implement Pause-Resume-Abort but there's an issue when the process reaches a User Task from a parallel event gateway. We'd like to be able to signal the "Complete" intermediate signal catching event while the process is sitting in the "Resume?" user task, but when we send the "Complete" signal the event is never handled. If the user makes a choice and the process doubles back to resubscribe to the "Pause" intermediate signal catching event before the "Complete" signal is raised then everything works fine.

Is it expected behavior that if the process reaches a user task from a parallel event gateway that intermediate signal catching events cannot be signaled until the user task is completed?

Please see the attached BPMN process model exported directly from Activiti Explorer. (This is simplified for clarity)