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Parallel multi-instance, Parallel Gateway and Signal

Question asked by dstone_dalet_com on Sep 30, 2016

We seem to be experiencing an issue when using a parallel multi-instance activity that can be signalled within a parallel gateway with one or more single instance activities of the same type also in the parallel gateway.  All of the execute methods appear to be executed correctly which submit jobs to our system.   However when the first job is completed and runtimeService.signal() is called with the first execution it looks like other executions are impacted too.  We can see from our logs that listeners for other executions are called with the same http thread. 

Is this expected?  Are we doing something wrong?  It looks like the executions are then removed from the db but the associated signal() methods in the activity don't seem to be called.  We then find activities are stuck in the waiting state and the correct notifications / signals for the executions then fail.

Any help is much appreciated.

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