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Activiti web modeler: Integrating with our own web application

Question asked by ani123 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by saysiva
We are looking into a open source solution to model a BPMN diagram on the web.
The Activiti modeler looks like a good fit: as it is open source and  has a lot of features
I would like to get clarification on some points

a) WE have our own persistence mechanism  ( format as well as store )
Is it possible to plugin in that persistence in the activiti modeler ? Or are we forced to stick around with the database persistence being used here

b) Does the activiti modeler always require the activiti engine running? Again we do have a runtime that we would like to leverage, and use just the ability to draw a BPMN diagram

c) What are the technolgies used for the modeling/ BPMN process drawing tool ?
Is this javascript/ or GWT ?
  Need to know this as we might need to modify the modeler to suit our needs

If anybody has done this before, can you share your experience . Any pointers are appreciated

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