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Return to calling process but continue asyncronously

Question asked by mlueck on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by mlueck

we have the following setting:
  • A Parent process which calls another process (the child) via call activiti and defined out parameters for this call because we need an result from the child in the parent
  • After the child has created the needed result we want to pass this to the parent and continue with some other activities in the child
Is this even possible?

We've tried parallel gateways in the child but it didn't work. So we tried to define the async part of the child in an subprocess of the child and made the subprocess ativity and the start event of the subprocess async. dind't work either. So we tried to combine parallel gateways and subprocess but it didn't work either.

We could create a new process definition for the asynchronous part of the child and start a new process instance for it for example via camel. But we'd like to keep it in the child because it's related from the business view.

I added two example processes in the hope the clearify the idea.