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Delete single process definition without deleting deployment

Question asked by kobusviljoen on Oct 19, 2016
Good day,

Is there a way to delete a single process definition (including older versions of the definition). I read a whole lot of posts on the forum about this topic and the proposed solution was to delete the deployment. This option is not ideal for us since we deploy updates to multiple process definitions in a single deployment (not necessarily related to the other processes in the same deployment).

We do not want to delete the entire deployment since this will delete the other process definitions contained in the deployment as well.

We considered suspending the process definitions and instances, but for process definitions with upward of 200 versions this will also be very laborious since there is no option to suspend all process definitions by key (only by ID), so each version of the process definition needs to be suspended individually.

Hope someone can assist with this. Otherwise the only option is to drop the entire DB and re-deploy everything just to get rid of one process definition.