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Help with Activiti (1.5) Data Models and Variables

Question asked by jbrodnax on Oct 19, 2016
I can get the externalId with a service task and put it in a variable.

I can set up a data model and read or write to it as outlined in the 1.5 docs.

Instead of using a form field to read as the root value/column and another form to display the results, I would like to use the variable from the service task as the root value/column and display the results of the data model in a form.

Without too much coding if possible. (vs scripting)

I'm not finding a lot of information or documentation. Can anyone help me out with this?  A simple javascript either in the form or script task to set a hidden field value might work.  I don't mind having two forms, but my client doesn't want a lot of extra java if I can avoid it.