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OOTB Feature in Activiti

Question asked by sdanish on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by cjose
Sorry i dont know how to post question at the same time in User and developer Group. I asked this in developer group as well. Help me with this…….

I was doing a features study of Activiti and found many things which seems missing or not documented.
I was unable to find some of the key features / offerings in Activiti which every standard BPM tools provides. I searched the document and didnt found any thing which says / tells about these OOTB features or workaround of these features in Activiti.
I just wanted to know if they are "OOTB features" or "Currently not possible to do in Activiti" or "Can be done with custom code."

The features which is was interested in was :
1. Data Modelling
2. KPI Metrics
3. SLA Management
4. Process Collaboration
5. Case Management
6. Process Improvement/Optimization
7. Forms/UI Capabilities
8. Mobilie Enablement
9. Business Analytics
10. Social Integration
11. Security Features
12. Compliance Ready

*OOTB = Out Of The Box
Please help me with this. Any kind of help is appreciated .