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Unstable Behavior When Putting Variables Separately Before Completing A Task

Question asked by mohammadhosseinfasihi on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by mohammadhosseinfasihi
We have been using activiti for several months now.
At some part of my code I used to put variables before completing a task instead of calling


I, wrongly, did something like this:

runtimeService.setVariables(executionId, variableMap);

After months of using this code; Today, process instances started failing after the first exclusive gateway would arrive. Claiming that the variable (which is tested by the condition expressions) is not defined.
The frequency grew until pretty much every attempt to continue a process instance would fail.

When I changed the latter code snippet to the former and ran the engine again, It started working properly again.

I did not report this as a bug for these reasons:
- It is probably hard to reproduce.
- The atlassian JIRA link on the home page is dead. (Where can I access the issue tracking system, if any exists?)

Has anyone had similar experiences?