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How to create a CUSTOM ActivitiEventType

Question asked by rutenioh on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by gdharley
Good morning,

I am having a problem and I think my best solution is creating a custom ActivitiEventType to handle it.

The issue is, in my process, I have an script task after process starts and I want to know if the task fails to handle the error. For example, if there are compilation errors and I don`t want to surround the code with try/catch because I would have to change all bussiness processes.

If the script task crashes, the process intance is deleted but in my datamodel I have data relative to this, so I want to update if this case happens.

My first solution was to implement a ActivitiEventListener to handle the events, but there isn't this kind of event, if something crashed in an script task. I have seen there is a CUSTOM ActivitiEventType, so I think I can use it but I don´t find documentation about that.

Can you help me?