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Is it possible to run multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics in parallel?

Question asked by klymenko.ruslan on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by klymenko.ruslan
   I have a collection of input data in my process for each element of which i want to call another process using 'callActivity'. Is it possible to run the loop in parallel(something similiar to stream.parallel() in java8)?

   Here's how it looks in code right now:
<callActivity activiti:exclusive="true" calledElement="importMasProfiles" id="importMasProfiles" name="Call import cgmes profiles">
        <activiti:in source="importCandidate" target="profileSetDto"/>
        <activiti:out source="profileSetDto" target="profileSetDto"/>
      <multiInstanceLoopCharacteristics activiti:collection="${importCandidates}" activiti:elementVariable="importCandidate" isSequential="false"/>